Charleston Greenery provides Plants, Planters + Maintenance

Charleston Greenery provides Office Plants &
Planters with Professional Plant Maintenance

Charleston Greenery will make your lobby look much better! Charleston Greenery can add plants to enhance office decor.

The Natural Way to Cleanse Air, Add Beauty & Increase Productivity!

Interior plants, outdoor containers installed and maintained for as low as $50 per month.

Charleston Greenery can arrange plants to impress everyone. Charleston Greenery can supply you with lovely outdoor plants. Charleston Greenery can help your front office area look nice.

Interior plant service has been Charleston Greenery's passion since 2004. Our goal is to make leasing tropical office plants an experience that transforms an office space into a serene and welcoming place for employees and visitors. You'll never regret making your office much greener!

Jo Ellen Patrick = The Plant Lady at
Call Jo Ellen at 843-860-3942!

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Charleston Greenery provides plants, planters + maintenance. Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites List - Since 1999!

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